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Roland Plotter

LED Array Test Box

Fake high-capacity USB SSD


Proto Board

Random tips


 Upgrade for Amplifier

ESP Programming Cable

Mini MP3 Player

Li-ion Battery

ATX Power Board Terminals

CNC Wired Controller

Power Bank

DC Motor Driver PS Adapter

ATX Power Distribution Box

Boost Converter

Re-purpose a Dead Servo

ESP01-HT11 OTA Humidity Monitor

Low-Current Dual Power Supply

TFT Shield Adapter

GPS Clock

240VAC Motor Controller

LCD Clock

NRFL2401 Wireless

Triple Driver

Servo Booster

Hollow Clock

ESP12E/F Adapter Board

PWM Generator

ATTiny I2C Keypad

ESP12 Adapter Programming Fixture

Motor Bench Test

LM2596 Regulator Module

DC Motor Tachometer

Project Labelling

16-Channel Logic Analyzer

LiPo Charger Module Case

ATX Bench Supply

Welcome to my project pages.  This is where I document some of the projects I have undertaken.The projects are based on the Arduino (UNO, Nano, Pro and Mega2560) and ESP8266/ESP32   In addition, I have included some of the smaller general purpose projects which can be a source for ideas, and some odd tips or tricks or general information.

I use the Arduino IDE for development, although I have installed and used PlatformIO.  I use Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code for examining  libraries, and Visual Studio for desktop application development.. 

Hardware is sourced from Wish, Temu, Ali and EBay for cheap and cheerful, and Core Electronics for quality and support.  A lot of hardware is recovered from dismantled equipment.

Schematics are created with KiCad. Labels are printed on a generic 3018 CNC with laser adapter using LaserGRBL.

Enclosures are created using using FreeCad and printed on a Creality Ender 3 using Cura Slicer

A minimal Arduino running Blink: ATMega328, 16mHz crystal, one resistor, a reset switch and a LED to prove that it is running.  Note that the two 22pf capacitors usually required for the crystal oscillator are not included: it works better without them, perhaps because the breadboard has enough internal capacitance.

Arduino Breadboard

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